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SEASON 1 EPISODE 1 I first met international treasure Ramblin' Jack Elliott in Cookeville, Tennessee at Muddy Roots Music Festival in 2015. Jack turns 90 this year (2021) & he has been getting familiar with video calls while the current pandemic has restricted his travels. On March 18th, the day after St. Patrick's Day, I had an hour long video call with Jack & I turned the audio of the call into Ep1 of 'The Stirring Foot'. Needless to say, the audio isn't of a studio quality, it's a zoom call through the internet. But the stories transcend & shine through, after all, it's Ramblin' Jack Elliott...


Jack now lives on the coast of California & has been described as the "son of Woody Guthrie & the father of Bob Dylan". In this episode, I talk to Jack about his trips to Ireland, Europe & the UK. The Clancy Brothers, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Odetta, The grateful Dead, Magaret Barry, Ewan MacColl, Woody Guthrie & Brendan Behan all get a mention. 



1. RJE - Roving Gambler

2. RJE - If I Were A Carpenter

3. Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - The Ballad Of Springhill

4. Odetta - Paths Of Victory

5. Tom Paley - Roll On The Ground

6. Woody Guthrie - Cowboy Waltz

7. Roy Acuff - The Devil's Train

8. RJE - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

9. RJE - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

10. The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - The Wild Colonial Boy

11. Dominic Behan - The Patriot Game

12. John McCormack - Danny Boy

13. Jack Kerouac - On The Road

14. RJE - Talking Dust Bowl Blues

15. Bunk Johnson Jazz Band - Midnight Blues

16. Roy Rogers - Dust

17. Dylan Thomas - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

18. RJE & Jerry Jeff Walker - He Was A Friend Of Mine

19. RJE & Arlo Guthrie - Riding Down The Canyon

20. RJE - 912 Greens

21. RJE - New York Town

22. RJE - San Francisco Bay Blues

23. RJE - Pastures Of Plenty

24. RJE - Talking Sailor Blues

25. RJE - Guabi Guabi

26. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman - The Stray-Away Child / Lark In The Morning

27. RJE - Diamond Joe


SEASON 1 EPISODE 2 Back in May (2021) I had a zoom call with Steve Ignorant. Steve is now based out of Sea Palling, Norfolk on the coast of England. A few days after our chat, I found out that a throat infection had kept Steve awake the night before. Steve didn't postpone or cancel the zoom call, because that's the kind of person Steve is. He never even mentioned it. Steve's journey with life & art has truly been unique. Possibly best known as the founder & frontman of the culture changing band Crass, over the years, Steve has worked with many musical artists & groups. For me, Steve is a working class folk hero, not that he would accept that title. A wood carver, a Punch & Judy professor & a lifeboat volunteer, Steve's creativity & spirit has gone from strength to strength, as he continues to explore the journey of life, head on, with his most recent group Slice Of Life.

In this episode, Steve talks about his earliest influences, his arrival at the renowned Dial House, his relationship with Penny Rimbaud, the formation of Crass & the other groups who were around during that time. Steve goes on to talk about how Crass challenged a predominantly male punk scene, he talks about his passion for animals, his many other music & art projects & how film has often shaped his work. With the Crass art collective having been pioneers of D.I.Y. multimedia presentation, Steve also discusses how this led to the KGB, MI6 & CIA "sniffin' around" the Crass camp." 



1. Crass - So What

2. Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions - West One (Shine On Me)

3. Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions - Now And Then...!

4. Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life - Your Day Will Come

5. Big Ship Sails On the Alley-Alley-O - Taste Of Honey Soundtrack

6. Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life - The Home Coming

7. Miles Davis - All Blues

8. Prince Buster - Independence Song

9. Dead Man's Shadow - Neighbours

10. Hubert Selby Jr. Interview

11. Crass (Duo Demo) - Do They Owe Us A Living

12. Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living

13. Crass - You've Got Big Hands

14. Crass - It's The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off

15. Crass - White Punks On Hope

16. Chumbawamba - Be Happy (Despite It All)

17. Crass - Banned From The Roxy

18. Hagar The Womb - Dressed To Kill

19. Crass - Women

20. Crass - Tired

21. Crass - Asylum

22. Conflict - Kings And Punks

23. Thatchergate News Broadcast

24. Crass - Sheep Farming In The Falklands

25. Crass - Yes Sir, I Will

26. Life At The Top - Audio From The Film

27. Dave King Interview

28. Crass - I Know There Is Love

29. Crass - Nineteen Eighty Bore

30. Crass - Mother Love

31. Nina Simone - Feeling Good

32. Schwartzeneggar - Take Your Elbows Off The Table

33. Gracie Fields - The Punch & Judy Show

34. Steve Ignorant with Current 93 - Falling Back On Fields Of Rape

35. Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life - Song For Myself

36. Crass - Big A Little a


SEASON 1 EPISODE 3 (Part 1) "A few months ago, I had a zoom call with one of Ireland’s most respected & much loved musicians, John Sheahan. John is the last surviving member, of what is often considered to be, the definitive five member line up of The Dubliners (i.e. Ronnie Drew, Barney McKenna, Ciarán Bourke, Luke Kelly & John). Never one to rest on his laurels, John released his book of poetry, ‘Fiddle Dreams’, in 2015 & in 2020, John released his debut solo album, ‘Flirting Fiddles’, at 80 years young. 

John was in fine form, as he took the call from his home in Dublin. Talking us through his recent solo record, John gives us tunes on the tin whistle, as he recites a couple of poems along the way. Beginning with his first experiences of music, John shares some of his journey between then & now, with plenty of tales about his time with The Dubliners too. John also speaks fondly of his lifelong friend & fellow musician, Paddy Moloney, whom this episode is dedicated to.”



1. The Dubliners - Cooleys Reel / The Dawn / Mulling Races

2. The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights

3. The Dubliners - Muirsheen Durkin

4. John Sheahan - Draggin’ The Bow

5. John Sheahan - Diminished Swing 

6. Jimmy Ward - Jimmy Ward’s Jig

7. Excerpt from John Sheahan - A Dubliner - Documentary

8. Beethoven - Minuet In G

9. Augustin Hadelich - Paganini Concerto D

10. Liam & Leon Rowsome

11. John Sheahan & Paddy Moloney - Banish Misfortune 

12. Mark O’Connor CMA Induction

13. The Dubliners - Sligo Maid / Coloney Rodney Reels

14. The Dubliners - O’Donoghue’s Opera - Portlairge / I Was A Day In Waterford

15. The Dubliners - Rocky Road To Dublin

16. The Dubliners - The Kerry Recruit

17. The Dubliners - Easy & Slow

18. The Dubliners - The Shoals Of Herring

19. The Dubliners - McAlpine’s Fusilliers

20. Late Late Show 25 Year Anniversary Of The Dubliners

Lament For Brendan Behan by Joe O'Brien - Performed By Ciarán Bourne

The Dubliners & Friends - The Auld Triangle

26. The Dubliners  - Limerick Rake

27. Luke Kelly - For What Died The Sons Of Róisín

28. André Rieu & John Sheahan - The Marino Waltz

29. John Sheahan - Autumn In Paris

30. The Dubliners - The Octopus Jig

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