W H A T  T H E Y  S A Y

"Dylan's a wordsmith & a fair chanter, it does my heart good to hear him sing, love his voice and the way he's using it. Dylan is a true Irish ballad singer, I admire his work"

Christy Moore

"The future of songwriting is safe in the hands of this man"

Dave King, Flogging Molly

"Dylan's music moves me in ways I've never been moved."

Chris Bailey, The Saints

"Dylan Walshe has taken up the reins from the likes of Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, with poignant, poetic lyrics and memorable tunes..."

The Irish Edition, US

"His voice is so strong and expressive, at once so holy and damned it can shake heaven and hell simultaneously. This suggests the old soul of a true roots artist, to be sure." 

No Depression, USA

"Mr. Dylan is a truly gifted performer & songwriter, very different & unique. Dylan deserves recognition for his authenticity, he stands out."

GaryHayesCountry.com Kentucky, USA

"Dylan gets nods from the likes of Christy Moore, gifted & talented, he's the real deal

RTE Radio 1, Ireland

"A passionate and beguiling performer whether he's rocking out or turning up the introspection."

R2 Magazine, UK

"Craftsman-like, artisan quality, rousing vocals & a workman's blood, sweat & tears. Dylan Walshe is a genuine talent..." 
Bonanza & Son Revue, UK

"Armed with just a guitar, a stompbox and a whole lotta soul, Dylan Walshe is more like a tornado than a singer songwriter."

Camden Calling, UK

"Radio Irish is thrilled to share the unusual and unique music and sound of renowned, one of a kind, alternative roots artist Dylan Walshe from Dublin, Ireland. A remarkable voice that draws you into the stories within his songs. Sounds like something from a completely different time. Transporting. It's so damn refreshing to hear something different!"

Radio Irish, New York, USA 

"Traditionally assured alternative folk with the charismatic charm of an acoustic poet. The Dublin born musician has a broodingly intense sound, a very genuine talent, stunning."

Mojophenia, UK

His sounds have a timeless traditional Irish vibe, & his voice is hauntingly cinematic, somewhere in between a young Tom Waits & Shane MacGowan" -Folk N Rock, Belgium

"Dubliner Dylan Walshe is a singer-songwriter whose meditative lyrics declaim a world of broken people and busted politics struggling to pull themselves together. Dylan throws all his cards on the table & I imagine that table to be sat with Yeats & Shaw, shuffled around by Bob Dylan. Politics & heartwrecks aplenty. There's a warmth to his soul.

Templeton, Tennessee, USA

One man symphony, Dylan Walshe, is thee soul-achin wondervoice of folk infused country-&-rhythm, black-&-blues. Saw & heard him torch up the crowded house down the Betsey Trotwood with it too.. Please, Sir, may we have some mo?"

Reel Rebels Radio, UK

"An Absolutely phenomenal voice,  just wonderful"

​Roots & Fusion Pure Radio 107.8FM, UK

"Amazing, Powerful & Passionate"

Resonance 104.4 FM, UK

"A gent, a poet & as tough as nails... Some artists just grab you right off the bat and there is something universally salient about Dylan's voice. In fact, this may be that voice that people hear when that big white light shines and the tunnel opens"

Southcountymusic.com, Boston, USA